EMT House, 68 Alpine Way, Beckton, London, E6 6LL


/Fast track storage ready to load

Storage Space

EMT Logistics has sixty-seven thousand square feet of warehouse space complete with mezzanine floor. This allows us to store approximately one million hanging garments during the Spring / Summer period and seven hundred and fifty thousand hanging garments during the Autumn / Winter period.


Fast Track Jet System

With the fast track jet system EMT Logistics can off-load approximately six thousand light garments or four thousand heavy garments per hour through the six loading and unloading bays. The mezzanine floor provides long and short-term storage with the added benefit of transit strorage; holding approximately fifty-five thousand garments ready to load.

Raw matierals

Fabric Storage

In addition there is approximately three thousand square feet of cloth / trim storage which is managed by experienced staff who take in, allocate, label, store and load raw materials for export to Europe and Eastern Europe.