EMT House, 68 Alpine Way, Beckton, London, E6 6LL

Garment Processing

/Managing all your goods with care

Dry Processing

EMT Logistics can provide Pick and Pack as per store allocations; re-belting of garments; de-labelling; adding size cubes to hanger necks and customising hangers with retailer logo stickers.

Alternative types of dry processing are available on request.

Some of our processing services

  • Off-loading containers of garments onto hangers
  • Unboxing goods ex-airfreight
  • Unpacking boxed garments onto hangers
  • Automated Single bagging & Over Bagging
  • Kimballing and De-Kimballing
  • Allocating into various ratio packs
  • Adding pack stickers and barlocking
  • Adding size cubes to hangers
  • Hand Pressing
  • Steam Tunnelling
Wet Processing


EMT Logistics has a fully equipped processing plant within its large warehousing complex in London, comprising of a five- chamber-Veit steam tunnel and a three-chamber Sussman steam tunnel which can process more than eight hundred blouses per hour.

Wet Processing

Hand Pressing

Experienced pressers operate hand held steam irons to cater for your delicate hand-pressing needs and three steam dollies which handle garments such as padded coats.